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Our Team Members are our most Valuable Company Asset. At the Copper Cellar family of restaurants we are ALWAYS looking for the very best Management in the industry.

The diversity of our concepts:

  • Copper Cellar
  • Chesapeake’s
  • Calhoun’s
  • Cherokee Grill
  • Smoky Mountain Brewery
  • Cappuccino’s
  • Copper Cellar Catering
  • Corner 16

This variety coupled with our tremendous regional brand recognition, has established us as a true leader in the Tennessee restaurant industry.

At Copper Cellar Restaurants we have based our success on the skill, energy, and longevity of our Management Team. One of our most impressive strengths lies in the fact that the same people who started the original Copper Cellar in 1972 are still at the helm of operations for the company today.

Our working environment revolves around two main ideals: a quality, service oriented dining experience for our guests and the creation of a motivating, upbeat, fun atmosphere for all levels of our Team.

We believe that all our management, both internal and external hires should have a working knowledge of all aspects of our operations. A large percentage of our most successful managers have come from our hourly ranks. It is our goal to develop our teams to the highest levels.

Food, made from only the freshest ingredients, hospitality minded service, fresh squeezed juices and a commitment to being the very best are the cornerstones of all our concepts. You will have the unique opportunity to see, produce, and have pride in the quality and care put into all our products and operations.

In joining our Team there are several things you should know:

  • You will be hired at a competitive compensation rate.
  • There will be annual performance appraisals. (As well as monthly developmental 1-on-1’s).
  • You will participate in achievable bonus programs upon completion of training.
  • Our comprehensive training program covers all aspects of restaurant operations and management skills.
  • We possess a strong community involvement with a long respected company image.
  • Our Founder/President continues to have a commitment to day-to-day operations and the companies’ growth.
  • We pride ourselves in over 40 years of solid independently owned growth and success.
  • Our goal is to provide careers, and not just jobs.
  • Our growth will continue in a small geographic area and will not be spread across the country.
  • We continue to believe in the values of integrity, equality, and respect. We hire nice people, not people we have to tell to be nice.

If this sounds like the kind of place you would feel at home, contact us right away and start a great new career with Copper Cellar Restaurants.

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Managers are leaders whom play an important role in support and decision making for our restaurants. Are you ready to join the Copper Cellar Family?


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